Well, that was a quick November! Our final post in the Best Fit series focuses on tips for creating flattering proportions. Hope you find it helpful!

Swimsuits that create flattering proportions for long frames


  1. If you have a longer torso, look for features that help break up your upper body. High-waists can help with this; even choosing a mid-hip pant over a hip pant can make a huge difference. One-piece suits with waist detail will also achieve this.
  2. Horizontal stripes or horizontal patterns can help balance a long torso or a very thin frame
  3. Tip for long-waisted bodies: a great looking suit is only as good as you feel wearing it. Going a size up on a one-piece suit could potentially make a world of different when it comes to fit and your own comfort. Don’t feel discouraged by the larger number—the extra fabric will stretch across the body, but you should feel less tightness in the shoulders and legs of the suit.
  4. For super long, skinny legs try a lower cut leg, boyleg, or skirted bottom. This will take some of the length from your legs and bring it more into the torso, giving a more balanced look.

Swimsuits that create flattering proportions for short frames


  1. Two-pieces are good for shorter torsos and/or petite frames; choose a low-rise pant like a hip pant to elongate the torso
  2. Any one-piece suits with vertical lines or seams will also make you seem longer and even taller
  3. Short legs? Look for a pant with a higher cut leg to make legs appear longer. (also good if you are petite and/or have shorter legs)

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