Where is your swimwear made?

Our swimwear is made in the U.S.A. of imported materials. Each Karla Colletto suit is designed and manufactured at our own U.S. facility.

Do you have any stores?

Sadly, there are no flagship Karla Colletto stores. Please see a list of all brick-and-mortar retailers that carry Karla Colletto merchandise in our Stockists section.

I would like to buy a suit from your website but I do not see a shopping cart option. Do you offer e-commerce?

Please visit our online store at shop.karlacolletto.com

How do I know my size?

See size chart below (measurements is in inches). Please note that fit may vary with different styles.

Sizes 6 8 10 12 14 16
Bust 32 B/C 34 B/C 36 B/C 38 B/C 40 B/C 42 B/C
Waist 26/27 27/28 28/29 29/30 30/31 31/32
Hip 35/36 36/37 37/38 38/39 39/40 40/41
Torso 59/60 60/61 61/62 62/63 63/64 64/65

How do I care for my suits?

Karla Colletto suits use Sensitive® fabrics which are made with Lycra® Xtra Life and offer chlorine resistance of up to 10 times more than traditional swim fabrics. Still, long-term exposure to chlorinated and saltwater without proper care can have damaging effects on your suit. Sunscreen, tanning oils, make-up, insect repellant, and other lotions can also damage or stain the suit, so please take special care when applying these products. We recommend hand washing your suit in cool water—especially if it has been exposed to saltwater, chlorine, or oily skin products—right after a day at the beach or pool. A mild lingerie or swimwear detergent works best. Please do not machine wash your suit and stay far, far away from bleach. Hang dry. Do not wring.

Can I wear my suit in the hot tub?

We do not recommend wearing your Karla Colletto suit in the hot tub, as the extreme temperatures and high concentration of chemicals can fade the colors of your suit and may cause the fabric to break down more quickly.

Do your suits provide any UV Protection?

All of our suits that are made from Sensitive® Fabrics, provide some UV protection. Unfortunately, like sunscreen, there is no swimwear fabric out there that can fully protect you from the sun’s rays. If you are planning on spending an extended period of time out in the sun, the only other thing we can suggest is to practice responsible sun protection, such as applying and reapplying sunscreen appropriate for your skin type, limiting exposure to the sun, and wearing a cover-up when possible throughout the day.

What should I do if I have a problem with my suit?

All of our suits are carefully inspected before leaving our facility; however, in the event that your suit is damaged, please contact the store from which you purchased the suit.

I own a store that sells swimwear and would like to carry Karla Colletto—who can I contact to get started?

We welcome you to connect with our sales team via JOOR. You may also contact Irina at irina@iksny.com for sales inquiries or to set up an appointment at our New York showroom. See the Contact section for additional contact information.

Why can’t I access the Log-in section?

This section is designed to provide easier access of visual materials to our retailers and members of the press. If you are a retailer, please obtain the password from your sales rep. If you are an editor, stylist, journalist, or other press, please contact requests@karlacolletto.com for further assistance.