7Q&A’s with Jeanie Syfu: Hair Styling Pro

Lead Stylist at NYFW, a favorite for editorial and runway work, and the face of numerous online tutorials, Jeanie is the channel through which high fashion style is made accessible to the modern woman.

The perfect addition to our creative team on the latest SS2016 Collection photo shoot, and a sought after expert in all things hair, we’ve asked Jeanie a few questions of our own.

7Q&A's with Jeanie Syfu - discover her hair rec for poolside lounging, how she stays inspired, and delve into her experiences in the fashion/beauty industry.

Tell me a little about your journey to becoming a hair stylist. How did you get your start?

My big break in the industry was on Project Runway Season 3. I just locked in my position as lead stylist for Tresemme and things took off pretty quickly after that. I appeared on national TV as their spokesperson and also started leading their hair team at NYFW.

What are your top three favorite hairstyles of the moment?

I’m really into statement haircuts. Short, chic and effortless cuts that don’t require much styling. I think it looks quite feminine, strong and stylish. On longer hair, I’m drawn to hair that doesn’t look over styled. I like hair to be touchable and it has to have a natural movement. And I absolutely LOVE when a woman embraces her natural texture!

What do you find to be the most rewarding part of your profession?

I love inspiring hairstylists that are just starting out in the fashion/beauty industry. Helping them develop their style and technique makes me a better artist. I have to say, its rewarding (but also a little sad) to let go when their careers take off.

What keeps you creatively inspired?

I stay inspired by the endless creative collaborations with my fashion peers. I get to work with many stylists, designers, photographers, creative directors, make up artists, and other hairstylists so I’m never bored. It’s important to keep an open mind and push your ideas with the different teams you are paired up with because you will always get a different result, we all add something different to the creative soup.

In your opinion, what’s the best hair style for beach-side lounging?

I’m into dressing hair with loads of leave in conditioner and keeping it off the face. Creating a bun, braid or slicked back/deep side part looks very chic and also controls hair on the beach. It can also protect your hair from any damage.

What are your words to live by?

I believe you attract good things in your life when you live truthfully. Intention is very powerful.

If you could recommend three places to visit to a tourist in your neighborhood, what would they be?

I have lived in Brooklyn for 14 years and I would say: 1) Brooklyn Flea Markets are amazing to go to on the weekends! Go early to get the best finds. 2) A walk around Williamsburg and Green Point for shopping, food, and good street style watching. 3) Brooklyn Museum of Art for the exhibits and inspiration.

See Jeanie’s work in our SS2016 Collection




7Q&A’s with Siren Williams

The Wanderlust Dream: a longing for a life filled with travel, of following your inner compass – and that compass points to the sea. Saltwater in your hair, blue skies up above, and the open road before you.

Siren Williams is the embodiment of that dream: a surfer, traveler, and songwriter that treats each day as an adventure. On her latest expedition, Siren packs our Lace-Up Rash Guard and gives us an inside look at her free-spirited philosophy.

The inside scoop on Siren Williams, competitive surfer, songwriter, and adventurer.

You live a great part of your life on the ocean and the open road, what do you think it is about travel that captivates you?

I could sit and talk about my travels for days… I am passionate about travel because I have loved geography since I was a little girl, and I love learning new cultures. I love moving around a lot, experiencing and photographing new places, learning the local language and getting involved with local families and communities.

As a competitive surfer, you’ve clocked a lot of time on the water. What is one of your favorite memories from a day spent riding the waves?

I have so many! There’s nothing like watching a shuttle launch into space while you’re  paddling out into a thick school of dolphins swimming all around your board, or being stalked by the largest bull shark you’ve ever seen in 3 ft of crystal clear water. One of my favorite memories has to be while surfing St. Andrew’s State Park and the dolphins were surfing the waves with us. A few hung around my board for a while and would jump and land on their sides, splashing me repeatedly. It was so amazing and I think they were having as much fun as we were!

How did you learn to surf, and what led you to surfing on a competitive level?

I started surfing when I was around 12 years old on Cape San Blas, Florida. I was sort of talked into giving it a try by a few of my guy friends at the time, and I’ve been surfing ever since. When I moved from the Florida Panhandle to the East Coast back in 2007, I began teaching surf lessons full time and began competing in local contests. It was in Cocoa Beach that I started competing regularly and began traveling the state for contests. I still love competition and I’ve been doing more professional longboard contests in the last several years, but I’m currently on a bit of a hiatus, as I’m finding that performance can sometimes ebb and flow.

You’ve come to call Florida home, what places would you recommend a tourist visit as a must-see in your neighborhood?

Born and raised in Florida, and growing up living in Florida’s state parks, I grew up in an environment that supported conservation of “Real Florida.” I recommend my hometown of Apalachicola, Florida, where the Cattahoochee/Apalachicola River meets the bay. St. George Island has beautiful beaches just over the bridge. The small, historic town has eclectic shopping and a great historic theater, with lots of history and culture. Apalachicola is also the oyster capital of the world. The surrounding area has caves, springs, and Native American history. Second, I would say the Florida Keys for a quiet get-away with beautiful water and sailing tours. Third, I’d recommend doing some air-boat tours on one of our small inland rivers to experience a side of Florida that most people don’t realize even exists. Beaches are always a short drive away, no matter were you stay.

As an experienced traveler, often by way of VW bus, what are your top three travel locations?

I lived in Morocco for five months and worked as a surf instructor and photographer there. There were always waves, plenty of right-hand point breaks, and the culture was amazing. Next on my list would have to be Australia. I spent one month there about ten years ago and it was really incredible how diverse it was, with rain-forest and beaches, cities on rivers, mountains, and lots of undeveloped land. The people there are absolutely amazing and really co-exist with Mother Earth in a respectful way. I’d say that the Virgin Islands are third on this list. I lived there for a while and was lucky to have a small boat at my disposal on most days, which really makes all the difference in the world. Island hopping and taking the boat to surf is really a great experience. We explored and camped on small, uninhabited islands with views that could hardly be dreamt of.

What are your words to live by?

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Frequent traveling must cause a lot of negotiating on what items to take with you. What is the one thing you can’t leave home without?

The one thing that I always MUST have is a bikini. Even if I’m going to the middle of America, I must have swimwear! I generally pack anywhere from five to ten bikinis on average.

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Siren Williams - Ocean View in our Rash Guard


7 Q&A’s with sustainable manufacturing pioneer, Eurojersey:
How Sensitive® Fabrics are made of the highest quality, yet with the lowest impact on the environment.

We work intensively with this Italian fabric manufacturer for a specific material called Eurojersey Sensitive® microfiber. The technical properties of this fabric offer chlorine resistance, UV protection, extra comfort, and quick drying fibers all while being committed to eco-sustainability and the environment. It’s super versatile, drapes beautifully and offers great wearability and shape.



Eurojersey is known for being a pioneer in eco-sustainable manufacturing – what led the company to make such strides towards dedication to our environment?

Since we started our SensitivEcoSystem® project, our Company has an ambitious mission: to be as sustainable as possible. We turned all recent investments to latest generation machinery to create an efficiency advantage, with lowest environmental impact for the Sensitive® Fabrics’ production.

What integral sustainable processes are at the core of Sensitive® Fabrics’ eco-manufacturing?

The development of our vertical supply chain, with no outsourcing, enables EUROJERSEY to maintain control over the entire Sensitive® Fabrics’ production process, generating positive effects into the local economy and environment. The integrated production cycle enables the reduction of resources such as water, energy and Co2 emissions.

Eurojersey has saved 36,791,539 square meters of essential rainforest land since 2010. Can you explain how that experience came about and what the project meant to the heart of the company?

“1 meter of fabric for 1 meter of forest” was a successful project for the preservation of rainforest in Argentina, made possible in cooperation with World Land Trust, ending in 2014.

Now, since June, we are collaborating with WWF ITALY for a new and challenging project. Our three-year collaboration is dedicated to the protection of the Mediterranean Sea and its flagship species; it aims at actively protecting this ecosystem and supporting the activities promoted by WWF Italy. All our sustainable enterprises are a testament to our full commitment to preservation beyond our borders.

As the company has grown from its roots to the enterprise it is today, what is the one philosophy that has stayed with Eurojersey over time?

Since its foundation EUROJERSEY has always produced high quality fabrics in line with Italian manufacturing tradition, both in terms of technical capabilities and creativity. Underpinning the Company’s success, during these 60 years, there is a business strategy that combines quality with constant attention to innovation.

What qualities act as pros for wearing garments composed of your fabrics?

Thanks to the patented knitting structure and the high percentage of LYCRA® fiber, Sensitive® Fabrics’ features add value to garments by raising their performance and aesthetic qualities. Highly breathable, super comfortable and pleasant to wear, Sensitive® Fabrics are like a second skin. Their perfectly smooth and even surface guarantees extra bright and intense coloring. Moreover, the fabrics’ reduced thickness allows the creation of perfectly fitting, elegant garments without giving up on shape and recovery performance.

What is it about Eurojersey techniques that allow for such a wide array of colors and patterns?

EUROJERSEY is the only European Textile Company able to offer its clients full service from the early ideation phase of a collection until delivery. The company’s Creative Department develops specific trends for both solid colour and printed fabrics, with a wide range of shades, patterns and textures, and it’s now considered a trend setter in the market.

What makes these fabrics the highest quality choice for swimwear?

Sensitive® Fabrics dry very quickly and maintain impeccable shape and colours while offering maximum resistance from chlorine and sea water, as well as guaranteeing protection from UV rays. A winning solution for the best swimwear, whether for the beach or for competition.

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Swimwear Exclusive: A Karla Colletto Tour de Force

FINAL Cropped

Inspired by an iconic image of model Peggy Moffitt’s 1960’s look fused with designer Rudi Gernreich’s avant-garde style. In his mod swimsuit, black bands entwine a bold red to form graphic cutouts. Known for defying the boundaries of design, Karla Colletto revitalized the look with strong cutouts, crisscrossing bands, and unparalleled structural elements to master a form that is both chic and sensual.

Shop this exclusive look

Explore this gallery for details on the 30th Anniversary Collection



EBW 30 Suit Photo

Photo Courtesy of Everything But Water


Simplicity Sketch Twitter

Sketch By Karla Colletto




The Karla Colletto Spring/Summer 2015 Swim Collection



It’s 2015 and there’s so much to celebrate! For one thing, there’s the fact that after nearly 30 years, Karla Colletto suits are still #KCMadeInAmerica of the finest imported materials! We’ve never been prouder to bring you high quality one- and two-piece designs, all smartly constructed, whimsically imagined, and made with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber to ensure high performance, fast recovery, and a comfortable and flattering fit.

Our Spring/Summer 2015 styles come alive in a star quality campaign shot by Dean Alexander and art directed by Design Army. We’ve taken the best and boldest of last season’s retro-eclectic Americana to a new level: clean silhouettes, graphic edges, and great pops of color to highlight the true star of the season: You!

Treat yourself to three new groups, available in all-American hues like watermelon, malibu, spring, mahogany, or nickel. The Strappy group calls to mind 1960s bathing beauties with crisp accented bands and water ballet-esque silhouettes. The Linked group is sleek and contemporary, with cool stainless steel rings in a unique open pattern—an update to a classic Karla style. The Textured Stripe group is elegant and streamlined, working the stripes to create graphic, yet sophisticated angles.

The much-anticipated “Swim At Your Own Risk” collaboration with Design Army is back with even more bite from now until the end of the season. Other bestsellers like the Twist, Powernet, and Draped Fringe will also return in new colors. Print groups like Gingham, Hologram, and Leopard Lace-up will continue to be available while supplies last.

Raise your glasses, take your marks, step into those spotlights! This season is about what’s kept us going strong all these years. It’s about #KCMadeInAmerica. It’s about you! Show us your Karla style by tagging @karlacolletto #karlacolletto #KCMadeInAmerica and you might just get a repost!

This is going to be a Spring/Summer season to remember!


Featuring Lena Ashikhmina (Muse NYC). Art direction by Design Army. Photography by Dean Alexander. Hair/Makeup by Dale Johnson. Styling by Rodney E. Hall.



Trunk shows coming up!

Chris Sardegna/Unsplash

Don’t miss out on these upcoming events in the tri-state area!
The first one of the season kicks off in New York in just two weeks!
Whether you’re shopping for a winter getaway or just itching to try on your favorite piece from the Cruise 2015 collection, we always love to see you there!

Thursday, October 16 – Saturday, October 18
1252 Madison Avenue
New York, NY

Thursday, October 23 – Friday, October 24
1051 3rd Avenue
New York, NY

Great Shapes
Saturday, November 15
20 East Mount Pleasant Avenue
Livingston, NJ

Great Shapes
Saturday, December 6
190 Mineola Avenue
Roslyn Heights, NY

Shirley & Company
Friday, January 23
8120 Old York Road
Elkins Park, PA

Shirley & Company
Saturday, January 24
42 Greenfield Avenue
Ardmore, PA



You are invited to the Karla Colletto X Design Army Pool Party! RSVP today!

KCxDA pool party invite

Summer has come and gone so soon, it seems, but here’s one more excuse to hit the pool before you get into that “back to school” grind. We’re hosting a stylish poolside soiree to celebrate our exclusive Karla Colletto X Design Army capsule, a five-piece collaboration that sets the tone for Karla Colletto’s Cruise 2015 Swim Collection. You won’t want to miss this free event and pool party at Capitol Skyline Hotel this Friday 8/22 from 7-10pm. RSVP on the Facebook event page for an informal fashion show, drink specials, tasty treats, a photo booth and more… #SwimAtYourOwnRisk




Karla Colletto X Design Army


Washington D.C.-based creative agency Design Army and swimwear brand Karla Colletto have taken their long-running creative partnership to the next level with a unique capsule collection, set to debut with Karla Colletto’s Cruise 2015 collection at SwimShow in Miami. After enlisting Design Army’s creative services to produce award-winning marketing materials, Colletto and creative director Pum Lefebure collaborated on the Swim At Your Own Risk capsule collection, combining Lefebure’s love of typography and signature sense of whimsy with Colletto’s precision construction and high-quality materials. Smart, witty, and decidely fresh, the Swim At Your Own Risk collection incorporates the superior craftsmanship that makes Karla Colletto a leader in the swim market while speaking to the modern, confident, bold woman — the one who’s not afraid to dive into the next great adventure. (via Design Army)

Recently featured in The Washington Post. View collection below. Click here for more details.
This group will be available in January 2015.





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Basic Instincts

Our Basics collection is starting to ship now! You’ll love the Early Cruise 2015 collection’s bright, classic palette. Our constructed and unconstructed one-pieces come in 12 colors this season, from show stopping red to dazzling jade green to staple neutral tones black, navy, chocolate… And don’t forget about our Basic coverups. The new funnel dress with pockets is a delightful 60s throwback, perfect for throwing over your favorite Karla Colletto suit.

Basic One-Piece (Constructed) Collection • V-neck flounce suit by #karlacolletto #cruise2014

Basic One-Piece (Constructed) Collection • V-neck smart suit by #karlacolletto #earlycruise2015

Basic One-Piece (Unconstructed) Collection • low plunge halter suit by #karlacolletto #earlycruise2015

asic Coverups Collection • funnel neck dress by #karlacolletto #earlycruise2015



As seen on A Bikini a Day!

In case you missed it, A Bikini A Day featured us again as their Bikini of the Week this past Tuesday! Tash Oakley rocks our black Transparent bikini from the Cruise 2014 collection! Find this suit online at Nic Del Mar.

Click here to see the original post. For other colors or similar styles, leave a comment and a member of our customer service team can direct you to a retailer.



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