Cinco de Playa: 5 Best Beaches in Mexico

Cinco de Mayo? More like Cinco de Playa. Celebrate the 5th of May with the Top Five Beach Getaways In Mexico


Rich in Mayan history and bordered by picturesque cliffs along white beaches.

Tulum Mexico

Cabo San Lucas

Pristine sands, scuba diving, and unforgettable resorts – including the Esperanza, pictured below.


A bustling port city with beaches made famous by Hollywood stars of  the 1950’s who often traveled here.

Acapulco Mexico


Vistas blue as far as the eye can see.

Cancun Mexico

Playa del Carmen

Luxury accommodations, fresh boutiques, and endless entertainment? We can see why this locale is so popular!

Playa del Carmen

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Our Top 10 Travel Pins of the Week

And you thought your day couldn’t get any better. Escape your weekday blues with unforgettable travel inspiration that will last you through the work week.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

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7Q&A’s with Siren Williams

The Wanderlust Dream: a longing for a life filled with travel, of following your inner compass – and that compass points to the sea. Saltwater in your hair, blue skies up above, and the open road before you.

Siren Williams is the embodiment of that dream: a surfer, traveler, and songwriter that treats each day as an adventure. On her latest expedition, Siren packs our Lace-Up Rash Guard and gives us an inside look at her free-spirited philosophy.

The inside scoop on Siren Williams, competitive surfer, songwriter, and adventurer.

You live a great part of your life on the ocean and the open road, what do you think it is about travel that captivates you?

I could sit and talk about my travels for days… I am passionate about travel because I have loved geography since I was a little girl, and I love learning new cultures. I love moving around a lot, experiencing and photographing new places, learning the local language and getting involved with local families and communities.

As a competitive surfer, you’ve clocked a lot of time on the water. What is one of your favorite memories from a day spent riding the waves?

I have so many! There’s nothing like watching a shuttle launch into space while you’re  paddling out into a thick school of dolphins swimming all around your board, or being stalked by the largest bull shark you’ve ever seen in 3 ft of crystal clear water. One of my favorite memories has to be while surfing St. Andrew’s State Park and the dolphins were surfing the waves with us. A few hung around my board for a while and would jump and land on their sides, splashing me repeatedly. It was so amazing and I think they were having as much fun as we were!

How did you learn to surf, and what led you to surfing on a competitive level?

I started surfing when I was around 12 years old on Cape San Blas, Florida. I was sort of talked into giving it a try by a few of my guy friends at the time, and I’ve been surfing ever since. When I moved from the Florida Panhandle to the East Coast back in 2007, I began teaching surf lessons full time and began competing in local contests. It was in Cocoa Beach that I started competing regularly and began traveling the state for contests. I still love competition and I’ve been doing more professional longboard contests in the last several years, but I’m currently on a bit of a hiatus, as I’m finding that performance can sometimes ebb and flow.

You’ve come to call Florida home, what places would you recommend a tourist visit as a must-see in your neighborhood?

Born and raised in Florida, and growing up living in Florida’s state parks, I grew up in an environment that supported conservation of “Real Florida.” I recommend my hometown of Apalachicola, Florida, where the Cattahoochee/Apalachicola River meets the bay. St. George Island has beautiful beaches just over the bridge. The small, historic town has eclectic shopping and a great historic theater, with lots of history and culture. Apalachicola is also the oyster capital of the world. The surrounding area has caves, springs, and Native American history. Second, I would say the Florida Keys for a quiet get-away with beautiful water and sailing tours. Third, I’d recommend doing some air-boat tours on one of our small inland rivers to experience a side of Florida that most people don’t realize even exists. Beaches are always a short drive away, no matter were you stay.

As an experienced traveler, often by way of VW bus, what are your top three travel locations?

I lived in Morocco for five months and worked as a surf instructor and photographer there. There were always waves, plenty of right-hand point breaks, and the culture was amazing. Next on my list would have to be Australia. I spent one month there about ten years ago and it was really incredible how diverse it was, with rain-forest and beaches, cities on rivers, mountains, and lots of undeveloped land. The people there are absolutely amazing and really co-exist with Mother Earth in a respectful way. I’d say that the Virgin Islands are third on this list. I lived there for a while and was lucky to have a small boat at my disposal on most days, which really makes all the difference in the world. Island hopping and taking the boat to surf is really a great experience. We explored and camped on small, uninhabited islands with views that could hardly be dreamt of.

What are your words to live by?

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Frequent traveling must cause a lot of negotiating on what items to take with you. What is the one thing you can’t leave home without?

The one thing that I always MUST have is a bikini. Even if I’m going to the middle of America, I must have swimwear! I generally pack anywhere from five to ten bikinis on average.

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Siren Williams - Ocean View in our Rash Guard


A Visual Travel Guide to San Francisco

It’s as iconic in landscape and style as they come, but this locale is more than just sights and scenery, it’s an experience in Californian living. Get carried away by an awe-inspiring marriage of the familiar and the unexpected. Known for both its personality and its landmarks, we give you: San Francisco.



Easily one of the most internationally recognized symbols of California and the U.S., the Golden Gate Bridge was once known as the “bridge that couldn’t be built.” Now considered one of the seven modern wonders of the world, this iconic bridge might just stand as the perfect emblem for the populous  on the other side of those golden arches. It would be a travesty not to snap a photo, make sure you take a few!


You’ve seen them before, but never like this. Postcard Row, also called the Painted Ladies, a strip of jaw-dropping Victorian style houses that have graced San Francisco’s skyline since the early 1900’s. Still trying to figure out where you know them from? Although they’re most remembered for their appearance in the opening credits of Full House, they’ve had their fair share of time on the big screen. Pay these ladies a visit and a have a relaxing picnic on the lawn.



Aside from the obvious stops in the Golden City, there are a few tucked away destinations with a gorgeous view waiting. On Billy Goat Hill travelers often find a tree swing overlooking the cityscape. Jump on for a breeze through your hair and a moment you won’t forget.


A photo posted by Abby Frenes (@abbyfrenes) on



The best way to start any day is with coffee and pastry – this we know to be true. Get your fill from Dynamo Donuts, a staple in this City by the Bay. Known for pairing playful flavors with traditional masterpieces, Dynamo offers a taste every foodie should check off their bucket list.


More a dinner party than a restaurant, Lazy Bear offers an entirely new and unique dining experience for their guests. The evening begins in the upstairs living room with comfortable conversation and light fare, then descends into the dining room for joint seating at large, communal tables. The tasting menu is explained at every course and served to each guest synchronously. Plan ahead for this rare treat, tickets must be purchased in advance.


A photo posted by Katie Regan (@_lovelyletters_) on


Simple yet sophisticated decor incorporates unexpected touches at San Francisco’s Clift Hotel. Enjoy a drink at the bar or stay overnight in the perfect suite for a selfie snap.

A photo posted by @highdeekuan on


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7 Q&A’s with Claudia Cox: Underwater Photographer

But that’s not all. Claudia Cox is bodyboarder, model, stunt woman, designer, photographer, and the closest thing to a real live mermaid we’ve ever seen. She charms the Instagram world with crisp photos and videos of her underwater adventures where she can be found exploring new depths of oceanic beauty, encountering sea creatures, and taking stunning self portraits. Take a dive into the nautical fascination that is Claudia Cox through the dialogue below.


Claudia Cox

What do you think it is about the ocean that enchants and captivates you?

I was literally born on the beach. My parents had a hotel/restaurant steps from the sea that was also our home and where I was born. So, my love and fascination with the ocean came naturally. The beach was my playground, the ocean treasures were my toys, and the sea creatures were my pets. My first pet growing up was a baby penguin that we found on the beach and raised  until he was old enough to join his friends. Since then, I have only lived by the sea. From Brazil to Hawaii, and every other place I go, I need to be by the sea.

Spending so much time in the water leads to some compelling encounters with aquatic animals. What is one of your most memorable experiences?

In Hawaii I’d have to say that almost  every time my friends and I are diving, we get surprised by a giant pod of wild dolphins. I’ve had many encounters with them but every time is different and equally special.
The most memorable experience that I’ve had so far with marine mammals was on one of those diving days. My friend and I were waiting for the dolphins to return and swim by us, I was next to my longboard as I saw a shadow swimming towards me. I thought, “Oh no, is this a shark?” As the shadow got closer and came directly under my board I saw that it was a young monk seal! He was moving his little arms around like he was dancing and only moved away from me when my friend came closer to photograph him. The Hawaiian monk seal is one of the rarest marine mammals in the world and is listed as endangered.
Another very cool experience I had was last summer, when I got to swim with stingrays and blacktip sharks on the island of Moorea, Tahiti.  The stingrays were so friendly and large; just like spaceships flying underwater.

What has been one of the proudest moments in your diverse career of bodyboarding, modeling, design, and photography?

I know!  I am still figuring out how to consolidate my numerous artistic interests into one job title! I go from one thing to another. I just recently became certified as an MUA so that I could be a one woman show on my photo shoots. I do the make up, hair, styling, and photography. Lots of my own photos are self-portraits, even underwater.
With that said my proudest moment was being able to finish my job as a stand-in on the tv show LOST which was filmed in Hawaii for 6 years! I was very proud of myself for sticking to a project from beginning to end.

What was it that drew you to Hawaii in particular? The landscape, the culture, the people?

As a child I was fascinated with the Elvis movies that were filmed here; the hula, the palm trees, and the crystal clear ocean. When I started bodyboarding and then competing in nationals it led me to Hawaii.  I first came here to compete in the Women’s Bodyboard Competition at Pipeline. I came over every winter after that for a couple of months at a time until I decided to make Hawaii my home.

What are three places in Hawaii that you would say are a must-see for travelers?

We have so many beautiful islands, my favorite is called the Big Island. It has that feeling of old Hawaii, just magical.
Kauai is also very pretty. It’s called the Garden Island, with green valleys and luscious vegetation.
At Oahu island at winter time the waves get huge, like mountains made of water – especially at Waimea Bay, it’s fascinating to see.

What words or philosophy do you live by?

I have to quote Cinderella’s mother on this one:
“Have courage and be kind…. Where there is kindness there is goodness, and where there is goodness there is magic.”

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

The producers were very kind to me and let me do some stunts when I worked as a stand in on the television series LOST for the character of Kate. The stunt coordinator told me that Kate was going to be in a helicopter scene and asked if I would like to double for her, I said, “Sure!” On the day of the stunt, as we were getting ready to fly out, my stunt coordinator asked me if I wanted a harness or a seat belt? I asked what he thought and he answered, “Well, with my experience with aircrafts, if this one goes down, you don’t want to be attached.” The helicopter had no doors. In the scene, my character had to kiss the other stunt man as he jumped from the helicopter. All while I was supposed to be watching him with my head hanging out of the door and holding onto a fake baby in my arms! It was very exciting and intense, I thought to myself, “Well, so much for the girl that only came to Hawaii to surf, yet ended up doing Hollywood stunts!”


Be sure to check out Claudia’s thrilling Instagram account, you’ll feel like you’re one with the sea.


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A Visual Travel Guide to Palm Springs

Nestled on the edge of Coachella Valley lies an unmatched destination for sun seekers, adventure lovers, and laid-back atmosphere connoisseurs. If you’re looking for the perfect place to get away, whether by plane, car, or screen – this is it. Enjoy just the right amount of sun, a dash of Hollywood stardust, and an unmatched atmosphere through the tantalizing photos below.



Aside from offering countless unique boutique shops, galleries, and intriguing museums, one of Palm Springs’ best qualities is its proximity to nature. Could it be the calming scenes of the desert that gives this locale its relaxed, laid back vibes? Fall head over heels into desert life with an evening spent contemplating the stars from Joshua Tree National Park, you don’t want to miss that sunset view.

A far and wide favorite from locals and travelers alike is the Moorten Botanical Gardens. You’ll be dazzled by the rugged and ephemeral beauty found along it’s many arid pathways.


Cheeky’s – the place to be for breakfast. Some claim it’s the best around! Look forward to an always changing experience with new menus weekly. Don’t miss taking a bite out of this delicious slice of Palm Springs!


Ace Hotel – much more than just a place to stay, but rather an excursion in and of itself. Curators have given new life to this once forgotten mid-century desert modern, adding a unique culture to go with its fresh yet bohemian design. An unforgettable charm awaits with unhindered desert art and decor, frequent events, great food, and a monumental locale.

Be sure to check out the inspiring instagram accounts featured here. You’ll adore following Gaspar and Zoe, @roaminglovers, through their seamless feed as they travel to their favorite places around the world & Caroline Sleeper’s gallery, @csleeper, is sure to fill your creative cravings with delight!


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A Visual Travel Guide to Sydney

Meet Sydney – Australia’s premiere locale. Cosmopolitan and modern, yet still maintaining a “no worries” atmosphere, Sydney offers the best of sea and city. Through “Sydneysiders” and excursionists alike we’re taking you on a visual tour down under.



An absolute must – take a stroll through Sydney Harbour to witness the iconic cityscape of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Feeling adventurous? – engage in a daring climb of the bridge at sunset. It’s here you’ll find incomparable views of this prized mise en scène.

Blue waves and warm sand draw excursionists into Bondi Beach, a world famous locale. At 1 kilometer long there’s a little something for everybody. Grab your favorite suit, take in some sun, and splash in the surf.

When you’re ready for a break from surf side lounging, experience something new. Thought-provoking ultramodern art displays await at the Museum of Contemporary Art.


When all that recreation leaves you with an appetite – you’ll find Twenty 8 Acres to be just the right bite. Cozy and vibrant, this cafe locally sources ingredients and makes items fresh each and every morning.

Don’t leave out dessert, especially when it’s this unique. Ethereal in taste and presentation the sea salt soft serve of Aqua S will leave you wanting more.


A predominantly white space disrupted with fun, unexpected pops of color invites you in. It’s not just aesthetics that will win you over, make way for unique accommodations like in room hair styling and a personal grocery shopper that stocks your suite before you arrive! This is the #1 rated hotel in Sydney and they’ve got the World Luxury Hotel Award to prove it.

Take a moment to check out the Instagram accounts featured here, you won’t regret it.

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We’ll Always Have Paris

When you need to get away for a little design inspiration, what better place than the City of Paris? We’re inviting you to share in our personal photos from our recent trip where we were inspired by this beautiful and time-honored destination. With art, pastries, long walks, architecture, and history all surrounded with an incredible culture, what’s not to love?

We’d love to hear about your most inspired memories from Paris – share with us in the comments below  or on our social platforms with the tag: #traveltuesday




4 Florida Resorts You Wish You Were At Right Now

We’re bringing you some vacation inspiration in the form of our four favorite Florida resorts – these on location photos will have you dreaming of a summer get away. So kick back, relax, and start day dreaming.


Acqualina Resort and Spa


Location – Sunny Isles Beach

Take a step into modern sophistication and luxury. This Florida resort offers access to many local beauties, including art museums, botanical gardens, zoos, and safari parks. But don’t feel like you have to take off in a hurry. A dip in their ocean facing pool will cool you off or sit poolside with a drink in hand and let the sea breeze drift over your skin while reading this summer’s next bestseller. It’s called a Resort and Spa for a reason – don’t miss out on some prime YOU time.

BONUS: If that’s not enough for you: travelers rave about the excellent staff, giving them a little something extra to brag about.


Mandarin Oriental


Location – Miami

If you feel like getting away but don’t want to miss out on the action, then you might enjoy the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Miami. Within the hotel you will feel pampered by their excellent spa, relaxed by the private beach and pool, and tempted by luxury shopping at specialty boutiques. But if you feel like getting out and about then the excitement of downtown Miami is still within walking distance. So, if you want to be close to everything, yet feel that you’re away from it all then this one’s for you.

BONUS: Known for spacious and beautiful rooms that you’ll want to return to again and again.


The Breakers


Location – Palm Beach

Beautiful architectural details throughout this celebrated hotel (already in its second century) will astound you, transporting you to a palace by the sea – even its tall lobby ceilings were completed by artists brought in from Italy! Fountains appear throughout the landscaping with plenty of places to take a seat, a breath, and relax. There are plenty of activities available to keep you busy: beachside yoga, guided snorkeling, bicycle tours, golf, and excellent spa services. If you feel like enjoying the beauty of the Florida coast lounge by any of the four (that’s right – FOUR) ocean facing pools or lounge in private beach sands.

BONUS: One night in this historical masterpiece will have you feeling like a queen.


The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island


Location – Amelia Island

If you’re looking to feel refreshed then don’t overlook this popular hotel with friendly staff, great food, and a prime location. This place seems to have it all! With indoor and outdoor entertainment options you can find the best of both worlds – including a historic bike tour, nature tour, cocktail classes, and even a private couple’s fire in the dunes (ah- romance). Better yet – the beach is just a few steps away!

BONUS: For an extra spot of fun, take part in the weekly pirate toast as a nod to the locations’ roots.





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