A Visual Travel Guide to Palm Springs

Nestled on the edge of Coachella Valley lies an unmatched destination for sun seekers, adventure lovers, and laid-back atmosphere connoisseurs. If you’re looking for the perfect place to get away, whether by plane, car, or screen – this is it. Enjoy just the right amount of sun, a dash of Hollywood stardust, and an unmatched atmosphere through the tantalizing photos below.



Aside from offering countless unique boutique shops, galleries, and intriguing museums, one of Palm Springs’ best qualities is its proximity to nature. Could it be the calming scenes of the desert that gives this locale its relaxed, laid back vibes? Fall head over heels into desert life with an evening spent contemplating the stars from Joshua Tree National Park, you don’t want to miss that sunset view.



A far and wide favorite from locals and travelers alike is the Moorten Botanical Gardens. You’ll be dazzled by the rugged and ephemeral beauty found along it’s many arid pathways.



Cheeky’s – the place to be for breakfast. Some claim it’s the best around! Look forward to an always changing experience with new menus weekly. Don’t miss taking a bite out of this delicious slice of Palm Springs!



Ace Hotel – much more than just a place to stay, but rather an excursion in and of itself. Curators have given new life to this once forgotten mid-century desert modern, adding a unique culture to go with its fresh yet bohemian design. An unforgettable charm awaits with unhindered desert art and decor, frequent events, great food, and a monumental locale.





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