Best Fit Month – Week #1 (Bust)

Best fit swimsuits for full busts

Best for full bust:

  1. One word: underwire! Choose a swimsuit with proper inside support to shape and lift without enhancing size. Molded cups are a plus, too! Avoid unconstructed suits with no inside support. Shelf bras are not for you. They just aren’t.
  2. Look for suits with wider straps like any of our tank style round-neck suits. Thinner straps can cut into the shoulders and might not provide the quality of support you need. Adjustable straps are great too.
  3. Control your cleavage! Round neck tanks are best when it comes to full coverage and support. Definitely no threats of a wardrobe malfunction here (which is a good thing!) If you prefer a V cut, we highly recommend a V-neck twist style, where you can adjust the twist for the best fit. We have a few twist styles in D+ cup sizes as well. For a more modest décolletage, a new style, BA-N70, has a higher V-neckline than most other styles.
  4. But hey… if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? As long as you’re physically and mentally comfortable (and not spilling out left and right), you can wear any of our V-necks and get the underwire support and coverage you need.
  5. Accentuate a curvier bust with suits that have seams, belts, or gathering directly under the bust line to define your body’s natural shape around the ribcage.

Best fit swimsuits for small busts

Best for a small bust:

On the other end of the spectrum, if you have a small bust you can do one of the following

  1. Look for suits with light padding. A molded cup with an underwire is great for providing both contour and lift in most cases, but might leave you with room to spare if you are extra-small.
  2. Opt instead for styles that complement your small bust; styles that only you can pull off: a bandeau bra or a triangle top, for example, or unconstructed suits like the low plunge halter BA-800. Also, shelf bras are for you!
  3. Another trick is to create the illusion of a larger bust. Look for embellishments in the bust area. For example, the 245-800 or 245-HMB has a ruffle to add extra volume. This can work especially well if you are looking to balance out a curvier bottom half.
  4. If you have an athletic build (broad shoulders to accompany the small bust) try a sportier style like a one-shoulder tank or a high-neck racerback tank that zips up in front.

Next week >> Week #2: waist and tummy tips!


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