A Visual Travel Guide to San Francisco

It’s as iconic in landscape and style as they come, but this locale is more than just sights and scenery, it’s an experience in Californian living. Get carried away by an awe-inspiring marriage of the familiar and the unexpected. Known for both its personality and its landmarks, we give you: San Francisco.



Easily one of the most internationally recognized symbols of California and the U.S., the Golden Gate Bridge was once known as the “bridge that couldn’t be built.” Now considered one of the seven modern wonders of the world, this iconic bridge might just stand as the perfect emblem for the populous  on the other side of those golden arches. It would be a travesty not to snap a photo, make sure you take a few!


You’ve seen them before, but never like this. Postcard Row, also called the Painted Ladies, a strip of jaw-dropping Victorian style houses that have graced San Francisco’s skyline since the early 1900’s. Still trying to figure out where you know them from? Although they’re most remembered for their appearance in the opening credits of Full House, they’ve had their fair share of time on the big screen. Pay these ladies a visit and a have a relaxing picnic on the lawn.



Aside from the obvious stops in the Golden City, there are a few tucked away destinations with a gorgeous view waiting. On Billy Goat Hill travelers often find a tree swing overlooking the cityscape. Jump on for a breeze through your hair and a moment you won’t forget.


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The best way to start any day is with coffee and pastry – this we know to be true. Get your fill from Dynamo Donuts, a staple in this City by the Bay. Known for pairing playful flavors with traditional masterpieces, Dynamo offers a taste every foodie should check off their bucket list.


More a dinner party than a restaurant, Lazy Bear offers an entirely new and unique dining experience for their guests. The evening begins in the upstairs living room with comfortable conversation and light fare, then descends into the dining room for joint seating at large, communal tables. The tasting menu is explained at every course and served to each guest synchronously. Plan ahead for this rare treat, tickets must be purchased in advance.


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Simple yet sophisticated decor incorporates unexpected touches at San Francisco’s Clift Hotel. Enjoy a drink at the bar or stay overnight in the perfect suite for a selfie snap.

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