Best Fit Month – Week #2 (Tummy)

Swimsuits flattering for the tummy

Concealing a tummy/creating illusions

  1. One of the best tips for camouflaging that tummy is to find a suit with ruching on the body. The texture of the gathering all along the body will help to hide any unwanted bulge.
  2. Frontal details like ruched seams, bands, or embellishments can help to draw attention to a vertical center in the body and will even help to keep everything tucked (you can feel a difference here as well).
  3. Anything with a waist-cinching effect will do just that: cinch your waist.
  4. Prints are great for distracting from problem areas, too. In a good way, that is. Sure, a loud, large scale print can stop traffic, but a smartly chosen smaller print will, like the ruching, add texture that makes flab less noticeable.
  5. If you really want a two-piece style, a high-waist bikini style can keep you tucked in and define that natural waist, but be careful that it doesn’t cut you in half if you have a tummy as well. Avoid low-rise hip pant styles that threaten the ever-dreaded “muffin top” look.
  6. If you’d prefer to totally cover up, a tankini top will give you the right coverage without hugging too tightly. Also, the draped flounce swimdress 245-038 will give you the bust and tummy support of a one-piece suit but with the flowy effect of a tankini that is extra flattering for all shapes. The great thing about the way this particular suit drapes is that it hugs the body closer by the ribcage and drapes looser in the waist and hip areas.
  7. And if that’s not enough, fear not! We have a range of full cover-ups as well.


Next week >> Week #3: hip tips!


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