Announcing three new groups for Cruise 2013!

Lizard, Triangles, and Draped Flounce groups now available!

Lizard, triangles and draped flouce suits from left: Lizard, Triangles, Draped Flounce

The Lizard group:

Featured Style: The reptile trend is everywhere now, but we think this black and white take is timeless. We love this print because it’s subtle—you might not even be able to tell it’s a lizard print! Not to mention how well it pops against any skin tone and even helps camouflage unwanted curves!  As for the style itself, it’s a sexy variation on a traditional Karla V-neck. The ring motif down the front of the suit lets you show off a bit more skin, while still keeping everything under control with a silent underwire built in. Comes in sizes 6-16.

Additional Styles: In addition to the V-neck suit, we have a square neck one-piece style with a panel of ruching down the front of the suit to flatter your tummy. Like the V-neck, this suit offers wide straps, a high back, and an underwire, and comes in sizes 6-16. If you were a fan of our blush pink retro high-waist skirted bikini last year, try the same style in this print for a little extra wow, sizes 6-14.

Colors: This great print only comes in black and white, sorry!

The Triangles group:

Featured Style: We’ve heard that the triangle motif in this group calls to mind the silhouettes of palm fronds illuminated in the night. Considering we named that neon pink accent color “hibiscus,” that does seem appropriately tropical. This look is abstract, modern, and even a little sporty. Our one-shoulder suits have been a hit in the past, now new and improved with the addition of a shelf bra for a little extra support. Sizes 6-14

Additional Styles: Both the V-neck and round neck versions of this suit have the triangle motif on both sides of the suit for an altogether slimming effect! These suits come with silent underwires and have high backs, sizes 6-16. For the retro-sporty girl: a high-waist pant (sizes 6-14) paired with any of our basic tops (a molded halter, perhaps) is super chic!

Colors: black/hibiscus, black/kelly, black/ultraviolet, black/white

The Draped Flounce group:

Featured Style: The draped flounce swimdress is beautiful in its simplicity. This suit is for everyone: the soft draping hangs loosely over the torso and ripples slightly around the hips to create the illusion of curves for those who are petite. Trying to hide them instead? Well, you’re covered too! Literally, it’s almost like a cover-up built in! There’s also a molded underwire bra underneath the draping, so feel free to lose the straps (they’re detachable!) and still feel supported and secure.

Additional Styles: Lots of styles in this group! The swimdress comes in tankini form as well, for those who want the functionality of a two-piece—just add a basic pant and you’re good to go! If you’re interested in something a little more va-va-voom, the low plunge/low back halter suit is divine. Soft flounces on this suit cascade from neck to belly button for a feminine yet sultry silhouette. For bikini lovers, a slide halter bra top featuring a similar flounce, paired with a drawstring mid-hip pant.

For the most coverage and best bust support, opt for the V-neck style: this suit is subtle but flattering—the neckline does come up a bit higher than most of our other V-neck suits and the ruching helps pulls everything in. This suit is just like our basic one-piece BA-N70, but with a flounce down the middle: it has a high back and silent underwire and is the only suit in this group that is available in size 16 (all other Draped Flounce styles come in 6-14)

Colors: black, capri, chocolate, magenta, red, navy

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